How do I access the event?

Go to the Schedule and click the ZOOM link below the session description. 

Why should I participate in the challenge?

  • In the February and March lead up to the Global Overweb Hackathon, we will showcase the top submissions and teams from the Overweb Challenge

  • All participants who make a submission will earn the Community Contributor level in the Overweb community

  • Expand your understanding of what is possible in your area of expertise, interest or endeavor

  • Be in the know early

  • Be recognized within the emergent Overweb community

Where do I start in the challenge?

  1. Take a look at the categories and think about which category you want to work on. It would be best if it is an area of your expertise, interest or endeavor.  

  2. To find teammates or a team: Join the Edgeryders Overweb Challenge Community Space and fill in the form with your selected category. The Edgeryders community managers will connect.

  3. Post in the thread for finding teammates or a team.  

  4. Check out the schedule. Join the opening panel and select which panels you want to attend.

  5. After the panels, work with your team to develop a concept based on the Tools & Resources.  Your concept should include a 90 second elevator pitch as well as a one sheet, poster, or slide deck.

  6. Submit your concept before 8:45a PST on January 22, 2021

  7. At the closing session, give your 90 second elevator pitch.

Are there prizes for the winners?

There are no prizes or winners in this first Overweb Challenge. Top submissions and their teams, however, will be showcased in the February and March lead up to the Global Overweb Hackathon, which will occur during the month of April.

What if I need a team member or to find a team?

Go to the Edgeryders Overweb Challenge Community Space and fill in the form. The Edgeryders community managers will connect. Post on the Forum topic for finding a team or a teammate.

How do I submit for the challenge?

  1. Prepare a one sheet synopsis, poster, or slide deck that includes the problem, the solution, use cases, strategic advantage, and next steps. (You can specify support you need as well.)

  2. Upload a "no-frills" 90 second elevator pitch to Youtube as a public video with Overweb in the title. This can be cell phone, ZOOM, web cam, or screen video.

  3. Submit your work before 8:45a PST January 22, 2021.   

How do I continue exploring the Overweb after the challenge?

  • Join the Overweb Discord

  • Watch the closing session for more information

  • Registrants will receive periodic email updates after the challenge

How can my company/organization get consulting support on the Overweb?

Book a FREE 25 minute consultation with Daveed Benjamin, the initiator of the Overweb.

I am developer - how can I be involved?

  • Join the Edgeryders Overweb Challenge Community Space and find a team. Get familiar with the Tools and Resources. Help ideate on what is possible with the Overweb. This will give you a leg up when the Developer challenge begins.

  • Join the Overweb Discord

  • The developer aspect of the challenge is now expected to begin in two weeks. We want to make sure that the API is solid. 

  • Stay tuned for the Global Overweb Hackathon in April.   

Post your question on the Edgeryders Forum topic "Questions not included in the FAQ"

What if I have a question that is not on this FAQ?

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