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The Future of the Web - Reinstalling the Big Missing Feature of the Web

Apr 29, 2021 05:30 PM Pacific Time

The California Software Professional Association ( hosted us to speak on the Future of the Web.

We've been discussing how the lack of annotations is making the web static. This has made internet platforms treat people and information as commodities. 

But do we accept a future where we are working for technology rather than the other way around? A better future of the web is possible.


With The Overweb, we are building the next level of the web - a trust layer over the webpage, enabling people to have layers of knowledge and interactions on web pages. 

The first Overweb applications were Mosaic and Netscape (beta) in 1993-1995 as well as modern annotation pioneers Hypothesis, Diigo, and Rap Genius. The emergent Overweb is anchored by an open-source blockchain called the Overchain that enables a) participants to own and control their annotation data and b) decentralized applications to serve interactions over the web page. Both of which feed AI on the edge that exposes misinformation and catalyzes collaboration on regenerative solutions for the world’s greatest problems.

RSA Fellows Daveed Benjamin and Joshua Armah presented the unknown history of web annotation, the case for The Overweb, The Overweb pattern, and the open-source blockchain-based tools they are developing. 

Presentation Panel


Daveed Benjamin

  • LinkedIn

FRSA | Founder of The Overweb | CEO of, Skōō | NGI Ambassador | Author of Pacha's Pajamas

The Overweb Pattern


Joshua Armah

  • LinkedIn

Founding Partner at Wiase Capital | Director of Startup Grind | Director of Hackers/Founders

Overchain & Governance


Niki Gastinel

  • LinkedIn

Technical and Product Leader, Community Builder

Welcome from the CSPA


Susan Eustis

  • LinkedIn

President at WinterGreen Research

Study on The Overweb Market


Dan Whaley

  • LinkedIn

Founder at

History of Web Annotation 

Jury of Futurists


Mei Lin Fung

  • LinkedIn

Chair & Cofounder of People Centered Internet | Cofounder of ImpactX  

1516243676251 (1).jpeg

Greg Lindahl

  • LinkedIn

Software Architect at Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory


Michelle Tsing

  • LinkedIn

Co-founder and Director at Governance Research Institute


Jeremy Foreman

  • LinkedIn

DoRealGood.Global | | |



  • LinkedIn

Visionary | Lateral Thinker | Writer | Digital Ecologist


Christian Anderson

  • LinkedIn

Founder of Reel to Real, LLC.


Anton Alexander

  • LinkedIn

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at BlueRidge.AI


Chris M Balz

  • LinkedIn

Principal at TreeLogic Software Engineering


Justin Tyson

  • LinkedIn

Music Professional at Universal Music Group


Trent Fowler

  • LinkedIn

Machine Learning Engineer at Nutrien Ag Solutions


Dan Mapes

  • LinkedIn

Founder of

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