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CoupleSet wedding bands - the environmentally sustainable option

Wedding planning is characterized by emotions, planning skills and anxiety. The anticipation is rising and you are looking forward to the wedding day with anticipation. There's a lot you need to arrange and purchase the wedding outfit and the decorations, the food - you pay attention to every little detail.

Have you ever thought about what will really remain after the wedding? It's not the food or the decorations. Nor is it the music. The only thing that will stand the test of time is your memories, photographs and, more importantly your wedding ring. After your wedding, they'll be with you forever. They're not only the most visible symbol of your relationship - they're also the most long-lasting aspect of your wedding.

They don't just remain with you for the duration of your married life, but are also worn every day around your finger. After the wedding, the wedding rings don't get put away or left behind to rot in the dark corners.

Wedding rings made of recycled gold

Wedding rings from Fischer are stunning and also have another element of sustainability: If you opt for gold as the metal for your rings, for example you can be certain that Fischer creates them using recycled gold. Always. Only the gold that is currently in circulation can be reused. It is not necessary to find new raw materials to be mined in order to produce that use recycled gold. Mining gold is usually associated with negative, not environmental aspects. Children are often used as workers, workers are exposed to working conditions that can be harmful to health. In addition, there is a significant demand for energy and water, long transport routes are commonplace and nature is destroyed to a large extent by land use.

By your side for life

Sustainability is definitely gaining traction in the wedding industry; there even exists a name for weddings that are sustainable: Green Wedding. Ask yourself these questions prior to beginning your planning process to make the sustainable wedding of your goals to a possibility. How do we distribute our priority items? Do we want to invest in fireworks that go off in front of guests or consider investing in better quality wedding rings? The wedding rings you choose to wear will stay in your possession throughout your life. They also wear off more slowly than other investment.

The MEISTER Wedding Ring Weeks in March 2024 should not be not missed!

Still searching for that perfect wedding band? Purchase your dream ring from MEISTER and enjoy great savings in the big March voucher sale!

In the MEISTER wedding ring week in March 2024, there will be attractive prizes of up to 250 euros each to be won every day! It's worth participating: Every participant gets a voucher for engravings of the ring.

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You can participate in the MEISTER lottery every day between March 1, 2024 and 31 December 2024. Each day, five prizes are offered for raffle, which you can redeem when you buy MEISTER wedding rings from one of the participating jewelers.

Discover the rings of Your Dreams!

Be it timeless classic or creative: At MEISTER you will find an impressive and top-quality collection of wedding ring styles for a wide range of budgets. Every MEISTER wedding ring is crafted by hand using the highest quality gold and platinum alloys and is exclusive to every bride and groom. You can test MEISTER rings in person at MEISTER jeweler partner stores.


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