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((STREAMING***)) Live: China - Vietnam stream 10 October 2023

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Quanta is a Taiwanese companies that collects components from other countries and assembles them at its Shanghai manufactur city complex. computer brands farm out much of their manufacturing to Taiwanese concerns, which in turn build them in China. A quarter of the world’s portable computers are made by Taiwanese companies. It has signed a “closer economic partnership agreement” with Hong Kong. Most strikingly, it has joined the so-called “ASEAN plus three, ” a grouping of 13 countries including the ten ASEAN members plus China, Japan, and Korea. The heads of state of the 13 have been meeting regularly since 1997. This year, along with India, Australia, and perhaps New Zealand, they will meet in Kuala Lumpur. The stated goal of the group is to create an “East Asian community, ” the key block of which would be an East Asian economic community, or free trade area. What is noteworthy about this group is that it would exclude the U. Every one of the major East Asian economies—Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and India—is running a substantial trade surplus with China. China’s manufacturing sector has become heavily dependent on imports from the economies of East Asia in order to feed its factories and its export-producing machine pointed at the west. This has earned China appreciation from the countries of the region, which see China’s continued growth and prosperity as essential to their own economic success. For the first time, last year China passed the United States as Japan’s leading trading partner. Thirteen years ago, PM Mahathir tried to build a similar bloc, but it broke down in the face of fierce opposition from the U. S., supported by Japan and Singapore. This time, do not expect any dissent within Asia at the behest of the U. S. China also has pursued important political and security initiatives in the last few years with its Asian neighbors. Earlier this year, it definitively settled its centuries-old border dispute with Russia. PM Wen Jiabao visited New Delhi earlier this year and set up a mechanism for negotiations with India over their border dispute. China has shelved its territorial claims in the Spratly Islands, contested with four other Asian countries, in favor of “joint development. These countries had a different view of China than the U. and the west did. They saw China as an Asian country, one that shared many of their own cultural traditions and social characteristics. They were less fixated on human rights concerns than was the U. S., in part because some of them had checkered human rights records themselves, in part because they did not look to spread their values to China in the way that the west did. Interestingly, the first relationship that showed improvement after Tiananmen was the PRC’s relationship with Taiwan. Taiwan businessmen saw opportunities in a China temporarily shunned by the west and they took advantage of it. Sectors such as textiles, footwear, luggage, and labor-intensive light industry goods moved lock stock and barrel from Taiwan to the mainland. But China’s outreach to Southeast and East Asia was not its principal foreign policy priority of the 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s. China was still preoccupied with its relations with the United States, and secondarily with the Soviet Union until its demise in 1991. The U. S. was viewed as the key to China’s modernization and acceptance in the international community. One of Deng’s motives in reconfiguring China’s relationships with the region and with ethnic Chinese abroad was to tap the wealth of overseas Chinese, to interest them in investing in China. Indeed, overseas Chinese, not only from Southeast Asia but from Hong Kong and ultimately from Taiwan, have become central to China’s economic take-off. Biden heads to Vietnam in latest push to counter China Sep 12, 2023 — Biden heads to Vietnam in latest push to counter China. Washington sees Hanoi as an important partner in the effort to counter Beijing's claims ... DBS says China still compelling, discusses India - CNBC 3:10Hou Wey Fook of Singapore's largest lender says he ranks India the highest when compared with Japan and Vietnam watchlive · logo · Markets.CNBC · 3 days ago China Beach - Where to Watch and Stream This Emmy-winning drama did a fine job delivering a female perspective on Vietnam War experiences, mostly through the character of dedicated Army nurse ...


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