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China VS Vietnam live 10/10/2023 Live Sport

Dec 19, 2017 — It is not just in embracing free markets that Vietnam has mimicked China. Under Xi Jinping, the Chinese Communist Party has centralised ...

The loss of aid and trade with the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe has hurt Vietnam. Jan 1992 Dozens of mixed Vietnamese-Chinese families in Hong Kong refugee camps have been forced to split up because Beijing agrees to accept only Chinese residents and Hanoi only Vietnamese, the Hong Kong government said. (Reuters, 01/04/93). Feb 1992 As relations between China and Vietnam are back to normal, the question being raised is whether some of the 280, 000 Vietnamese refugees who settled in southern China will want to go back home. It is estimated that 500, 000 boat people -- mainly ethnic Chinese -- have left the country since the late 1970s when relations between China and Vietnam seriously deteriorated following the latter's occupation of Cambodia, which was then a Chinese ally. Nguyen Van Than, Chairman of the Free Vietnam Alliance (Brussels-based), who is also working for the Int'l Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU), said little has changed over the years in the human rights situation in Vietnam. Aug 1993 Illegal Vietnamese immigrants from China say they want to emigrate to a third country. Hong Kong officials want to send the 2, 194 migrants back to China as soon as possible. Dec 1993 A group of 460 Chinese-Vietnamese boat people will return to China by the middle of the month. So far, 1043 people have been repatriated (Reuters, 12/13/93). Apr 1994 Chinese intellectuals in Ho Chi Minh City met with Comrade Vo Tran Chi, a member of the Political Bureau and secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City party committee. The Chinese expressed their support for rebuilding the country (BBC, 04/30/94). Jun 1994 It is reported that since Vietnam embarked on an economic liberalization program in the late 1980s, the country's ethnic Chinese have slowly become involved in this process. A new breed of Chinese millionaires has emerged. They are born and bred in Vietnam, speak Vietnamese and Cantonese, and are reported to be well respected in society. Native ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese businessmen in Vietnam are not provided with special treatment by the government. China Daily reported that China's drive to promote trade with Vietnam, exemplified by a trade fair in Hanoi, was being held in part to counter Taiwan's economic influence. Feb 1993 Vietnam's ethnic Chinese, once a persecuted minority, are reported to have become the country's major link to big-time investors from countries like Taiwan and Hong Kong. Although thousands of Chinese fled the country after 1979, about one million still live in Ho Chi Minh City, and their contacts with friends and relatives who fled abroad have been a key factor in the increase in foreign investment in Vietnam in the last two to three years (Inter Press Service, 02/16/93). Jul 1993 The EC is prepared to sign an economic and development cooperation pact with Vietnam, provided Hanoi respects human rights and democratic principles. A message to this effect was conveyed to Vietnamese Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet during talks in Brussels with the EC Commissioner responsible for development aid cooperation. Jan 1995 Fifty-four boat people returned to Guangxi province in southern China. The fifty-four are ethnic Chinese who fled Vietnam, moved to China, and later fled to Hong Kong (Reuters, 01/06/95). Jan 24, 1995 Fourteen refugees have been released from years in detention in Hong Kong. The group was part of the original 400 that a human rights organization, Refugees Concern, believed should be released as Vietnam had refused to take them back. Most are ethnic Chinese (Reuters, 01/24/95). Mar 1995 The half-million Chinese in Ho Chi Minh City are reported to control from 30 to 50% of local commercial activity, according to academics. The Chinese account for around 1/7 of the city's population (Asian Wall Street Journal Weekly, 03/25/95). A woman and her accomplice were recently sentenced in court for selling her 13-year old daughter's virginity to a Taiwan businessman. Locals allege that some Chinese merchants believe that their fortunes can be improved by sleeping with virgins (Asiaweek, 10/26/94). Also, on October 13, seven Chinese nationals and three Taiwanese were wounded when a grenade exploded at a city tourist spot. Police stated that anti-Chinese feelings were not involved in the attack (Asiaweek, 10/26/94). Nov 1994 It is reported that most registered voters in areas of Ho Chi Minh City with large Chinese populations participated in this month's municipal elections. Four ethnic Chinese were elected to the city's 85-member People's Council in comparison to 2 in 1989. While this is an improvement, the Chinese are still underrepresented in relation to their population in Ho Chi Minh City (Amer, 1997, 24). Nov 3, 1994 A human rights group, Refugees Concern, demanded that the Hong Kong government release 400 people from detention as the group said they were ineligible to return to Vietnam. How booming Vietnam offers the US an alternative to China Sep 11, 2023 — President Joe Biden left Vietnam Monday after a visit that deepened economic ties between Washington and Hanoi as part of efforts to reduce ... Can Vietnam Help America Counter China? 4 days ago — The partnership is the highest kind that Vietnam recognizes with foreign powers, and it has come at a time when the Biden administration is ... China vs Vietnam | 10 Things to Consider Before Moving Apr 26, 2022 — He speaks, reads, and writes Chinese, but for 4 years now has been living in Vietnam. Take it away Ian! There are so many amazing countries to ... Mar 20, 1995 Around 70 Vietnamese protested their pending repatriation to China in detention centers in Hong Kong. Most are ethnic Chinese who fled Vietnam for China in the late 1970s and then came to Hong Kong. Hanoi does not consider them to be nationals and thus will not accept them. During the past year, periodic protests have been reported in refugee camps in Hong Kong. In January, an outbreak of arson fires preceded a forcible repatriation flight to Hanoi (Reuters, 03/27/95). He met with members of the ethnic Chinese community in Ho Chi Minh City. Jiang and the Hanoi government agreed that there were vast areas for economic cooperation between the two countries. Jiang's visit is reported to have marked the beginning of a more comfortable phase not only between the two countries but also for Vietnam's Chinese community (Japan Economic Newswire, 11/20/94; Business Times, 11/30/94). Jul 1995 Full diplomatic relations have been restored between the United States and Vietnam, twenty years after the pullout of the last American troops from Saigon. The establishment of diplomatic ties follows US President Clinton's 1994 removal of trade sanctions against Vietnam (New York Times, 07/12/95). Aug 1995 The Communist Party of Vietnam adopts Decree No. Nov 30, 1994 Some of the ethnic Chinese in Ho Chi Minh's Chinatown indicate that there are no problems with the country's Vietnamese population. In the Chinatown area, most of the Chinese are involved in small-scale industries and have established dozens of clan associations. Their links with the Chinese community in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore are also reported to have helped promote foreign investment in Vietnam. The ethnic Chinese in the three Southeast Asian countries reportedly account for approximately 40% of the US$ 10 billion that has recently entered Vietnam. However, some Vietnamese are critical of the tendency of the overseas Chinese to establish business cliques and there is simmering resentment against those Chinese who have quickly acquired wealth (Business Times, 11/30/94). Oct 1990 Hanoi Radio broadcasts an article by Nguyen Su decrying the "bad elements" who help people leave the country "In recent years the enemy has spared no efforts in abetting or persuading Vietnamese nationals to flee to other countries to smear our regime in the international arena, raging against the social order, and recruiting and training spies and commandos for infiltration back into Vietnam... US, Vietnam warn against 'threat or use of force' in South Sep 11, 2023 — / Live news. US, Vietnam warn against 'threat or use of force' in South China Sea. Hanoi (AFP) – The United States and Vietnam warned on ...


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