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Virtual Innovation Groups

Shape the Next Level of the Web

The Web4 Foundation uses an innovation process inspired by the Cynefin work that is designed to develop and apply collective intelligence  to the design of Overweb systems, such as identity, security, privacy, data sovereignty, and rewards. The Web4 Foundation will publish calls for innovation groups around specific topics on a periodic basis.

Participants and groups apply for a specific topic. Innovation groups have 3-5 people, with one person of 25 or younger and one person  of 50 or older. Innovations groups work independently  to develop novel proposals for governing, building, or operating the Overweb in 2-3 months.  

Multiple groups work on a topic at a time and their proposals go through a synthesis process. Token compensation for value. 


Calls for Innovation Groups 


Badges - shape an extensible Overweb badge system 

Civic Tech - How should Civic Tech show up on the Overweb?




Data Sovereignty


Symbiotic AI

Innovate with Us

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