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Introducing Innovation Studios

The Web4 Foundation is a bold initiative aimed at transforming computing and creating AI safety in the Overweb. However, the original blog post had some areas for improvement, and we have updated it to better communicate the Foundation's vision and work.

The Web4 Foundation is on a mission to catalyze a paradigm shift from personal to collective computing. We aim to move away from the harmful attention economy that benefits only a few and towards a collaborative and knowledge-based economy that uplifts everyone.

To achieve this goal, we are creating the Overweb, a safe and decentralized environment that prioritizes accountability above the web. The Overweb empowers communities to interact safely and securely above relevant web pages, and it builds upon Web3 to provide participants with a bill of rights that includes privacy, data sovereignty, and fair data exchange. Additionally, blockchain-based controls help unlock the benefits of AI while protecting participants from harmful outcomes.

Unlike the Web, which has few rules, we are designing rules and controls into the Overweb through a collaborative community process. Instead of using a "working group" model that centralizes input to a small set of so-called experts, we are using Innovation Studios. Inspired by the Cynefin framework, innovation studios bring together a diverse range of voices and ideas to shape the development of the Overweb. By working collaboratively, we ensure that the next level of the Web is safe, accountable, and collaborative.

Our Innovation Studios are a unique approach to designing the next level of the web, and we believe that the community should have a say in the future of computing. That's why we invite people from all backgrounds and industries to participate in the process. Whether you're a developer, designer, activist, or simply someone who cares about the future of the internet, there's a place for you in our Innovation Studios.

These studios are spaces for creative exploration and experimentation. We encourage participants to think outside the box and come up with bold, innovative ideas that can help shape the future of the web. The synthesis of the ideas generated in the Innovation Studios is voted on by the community for implementation as foundational elements of the Overweb environment.

Our first Innovation Studio is the Overweb Badging Studio. This studio is focused on creating a standardized system for digital badges on the Overweb that can certify skills, knowledge, and achievements in a variety of fields. We believe that digital badges can help democratize education and create new pathways to opportunity for people worldwide.

The Badging Studio is gearing up for its first cohort, where groups of 3-5 people will work independently to develop proposals for an MVP system, including use cases and product requirements. At the end of the cohort, proposals will go through a synthesis process and be put to a community vote for implementation.

If you're interested in joining the Badging Studio or any of our other Innovation Studios, please apply here.

At the Web4 Foundation, we believe that technology should serve humanity, not the other way around. We are working to create a more ethical and responsible web that puts people first. By working together, we can build a safer, more accountable, and collaborative future for everyone. We invite you to join us in designing the future of the web.

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