Introducing The Overweb

The Next Level of the Internet


Not Your Old Man's Internet

If 2020 has taught us one thing it is our connectedness and interdependence. We are a community of destiny that will decide fate of humanity. We must start with the Internet. Theoretically it's role is to make us collectively smarter, more intelligent such that can safely transition  to a healthy balance of #gameb dynamics online and offline. 

Clearly, today's Internet is not tapping into a latent asset of collective foresight, intention & action that is necessary for a viable collective response to the existential threats that your generation has inherited. You are also inheriting an Internet of silos that inhibits non-algorithmic collective action, something that we need to develop more than ever. On the other hand, with the meta-level of the Overweb, the web could be the foundation for truth, collaboration, and collective intelligence that we urgently need. And the technology exists now.

Image by Mateus Campos Felipe

Meet on Web Pages

Meet, Network & Collaborate

The Overweb is where young leaders and innovators meet to share, inspire and network over the webpage. We’re proud to host some of the most well-known and influential voices in the Overweb.

Imagine going "visible" on webpages of your interests and being able to see the persona profiles of the other people  

Image by Omar Flores

Connect the Dots

Use Bridges to Represent Truth

Bridges democratize linking, enabling browser users to create deep links between pieces of content with relationships. For example, a bridger 
might create a contradictory bridge between a piece of text in a news article to a TikTok or a segment of a YouTube video in which the person in the video is contradicting what is written in the article. The bridges aggregate into a Collective Learning Map.

The Overweb Pattern

Safe Digital Space

Real People in Good Standing

On the Overweb, you can be assured that the personas you encounter are real people in good standing. No bots, fake accounts, or serial abusers. The Overweb has no throwaway accounts. Your history stays with you for better or worse.


On-page Presence

Go Visible on Webpages

When you opt-in to being visible on a webpage, you can see the other personas visible on the page in a filterable list or even their cursors on the screen. For any visible persona, you can see the profile information they reveal to personas they are not connected with and request communication.


On-Page Interactions

100's of Smart Tags

On the Overweb, you have access to many smart tags. Initially note, bridge, conversation, poll, claim, meeting, and list. We will roll out more as we build. In the future you will be able to make you own smart tags.