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We fund research and development teams building  safe decentralized space above the webpage. Join us.

Our Mission: create a meta environment above the web that  is safe, accessible, and fair for everyone;
protects the rights, speech, and privacy of its members;
and creates the conditions for a democratic future.


The Overweb is a novel decentralized public environment that enables people, information, and interactions to have presence above the webpage as well as participants to own and control their data. Operates in alignment with the forthcoming UN SDG Principles of a Conscious Attention Economy.

The Overweb
About Web4

We fund research and development teams building  safe decentralized space above the webpage. Join us.

Our mission is to create a meta layer above the web that is safe for and accessible to everyone while also protecting the rights and privacy of its members.

The Overweb Pattern

The Three Pillars


Safe Digital Space

Real People in Good Standing

On the Overweb, everyone you encounter is a real people in good standing.. No unidentified bots, fake accounts, serial abusers, or throwaway accounts. Accountability creates safety.


On-Page Presence

Go Visible on Webpages

On the Overweb, when you opt-in to being visible on a webpage, you can see everyone else who is visible on the same page. You can access information they make available to people they don't know and initiate a conversation.


On-Page Interactions

100's of Smart Tags

On the Overweb, you have access to a quiver of smart tags that you can attach to content on any page.. E..g., notes, bridges, conversations, polls, meetings can be attached to any piece of text, part of image, segment of video or audio, or tweet.  

On the Overweb, you have the right to 


The Web4 Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to decentralized public space above the web page. We do this by building the governance and infrastructure of the Overweb. The foundation generates operating funds from the sale of Overweb full access passes, meta domains, and reflections from OWEB transactions. The foundation also supports the open-source community developing the Overweb and protects the rights of its participants through the Overweb Bill of Rights.

Try out Web4 Now
with Presence

Click the bouncing Presence icon in the lower right and click the Get Started button to access the Canopi , a digital Speakeasy for the page.


Your Opportunity To Innovate



Create Meta-Community

On the Overweb, metaocommunities meet and interact in their own sovereign layer above the webpage.  Meta-communities exist in networks of networks. Meta-communities can have single sign-on with existing websites. 


Overlay Apps

Develop Overlay Apps

On the Overweb, developers can create applications that have computational continuity across webpages. Overlay apps are Overweb-native distributed applications that are available over every relevant webpage. 


Smart Tags

Build Custom Smart Tags

On the Overweb, developers can build smart tags that can attach to any content on the web, from text to video, image to audio, tweets to tiktoks. Smart tags connect content and interactions , include that of existing web applications, to relevant web content.



Claim Space above Site 

On the Overweb, the space above and around a website can be developed.  The holder of a meta-domain  NFT (e.g.,, can locate content above the website and receives 10% of proceeds from adjacent spaces (e.g., to the meta-domain.


Overweb Council

The Overweb Council is responsible for guiding the Overweb DAO and the ecosystem towards progressive decentralization. The council taps into the collective wisdom and input of the community to make decisions that are secure, stable, beneficial, and fair for all stakeholders. The council's ultimate goal is to ensure that the Overweb is the best it can be for everyone.

Innovation Groups

Inspired by the Cynefin work, the Web4 Foundation uses a model designed to rapidly innovate in arenas crucial to the Overweb such as identity, security, privacy, data sovereignty, and rewards. Innovation groups are made up of 3-5 experts and enthusiasts who work together to develop novel proposals for governing or building the Overweb in 2-3 months. Token compensation for value.


Pledge your support of Web4

We invite you to  publicly express your support of Web4 and the Overweb, as a necessary evolution of the Web to create the conditions for a democratic future. Whether you're a company or organization, developer or researcher, futurist, artist, or enthusiast, you can help shape the next level of the Web.  

Please put me on the early access for the Overweb, announcements, collab opportunities, and NFT drop.s.

Thanks for submitting!

NFT Pass

Overweb Pioneer Pass

For the Overweb flair seeker, we've got the Overweb Pioneer Pass, a full access NFT that includes membership in the exclusive OP 10K Club, a low bridger number, early access and discounts on product release, early access on NFT drops,  private Discord channel, and the Metaweb NFT book.  
9999 NFTs - 
0.1 ETH 

Stay tuned for details and art!
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