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We fund research and development teams building safe AI -enhanced decentralized spaces above the webpage. Join us.

Our Mission: catalyze a meta environment above the web that  prioritizes safety, accountability, and collaboration;
protects the rights, speech, and privacy of its members;
and creates the conditions for a democratic future.

On the Overweb, you have the right to 


The Overweb

The Overweb is a novel decentralized environment that uses blockchain to constrain AI to its best uses and protects against harmful AI. All AI must be tied to a real person, implement a safe cognitive architecture, post its activity to the ledger, and receive permission before sensitive operations. Operates in alignment with the forthcoming UN SDG Principles of a Conscious Attention Economy.

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Click the bouncing Presence icon in the lower right and click the Get Started button to access the Canopi, a digital Speakeasy for the page.

About the Web4 Foundation 

The Web4 Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to solving the AI Safety problem for decentralized public space above the web page. We do this by building the governance and infrastructure of the Overweb to appropriately constrain AI. The foundation generates operating funds from the sale of Overweb full access passes, meta domains, and reflections from OWEB transactions. The foundation also supports the open-source community developing the Overweb and protects the rights of its participants through the Overweb Bill of Rights.

About Web 4

Innovation Studios

Inspired by the Cynefin work, the Web4 Foundation uses a model designed to rapidly innovate in arenas crucial to the Overweb such as identity, security, privacy, data sovereignty, and rewards. Innovation studios host collabs of 3-5 experts and enthusiasts who work together to develop novel proposals for governing or building the Overweb. Token compensation for value.


Pledge your support of Safe
AI-Enhanced Environments

We invite you to publicly express your support of safe AI-enhanced environments like the Overweb, as a necessary evolution of the Web that creates the conditions for a healthy, democratic future. Whether you're a company or organization, developer or researcher, futurist, artist, or enthusiast, you can help shape the next level of the Web.  

Please put me on the early access for the Overweb, announcements, collab opportunities, and NFT drop.s.

Thanks for submitting!

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