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The Overweb Bill of Rights

Advance. Elevate. Innovate.

Your digital rights

​On the Overweb you have the right to:

  1. Privacy - only divulge what you want to specific groupings of people 

  2. Security - know your data is protected from unauthorized access

  3. Data Sovereignty - you control your data 

  4. Cognitive Freedom/Self Determination  - enjoy cognitive freedom* from influence by bots, fake accounts, abusers, manipulators, fake news, misinformation 

  5. Context - see connections between first hand accounts, history, and current events, access to deep layers for the subject of your attention, access to right information when needed

  6. Safety - from serial abusers, know that everyone is a real person in good standing. 

  7. Transparency - smart filter

  8. Presence - have a visible presence on web pages and meet people with common interests

  9. Expression - enjoy safe digital space for art, civil discourse and debate, and have your thoughts translated into knowledge artifacts that layer over the web page 


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