The Overweb Pattern

The Three Pillars

Safe Digital Space

Real People in Good Standing

On the Overweb, you can be assured that the personas you encounter are real people in good standing. No bots, fake accounts, or serial abusers. The Overweb has no throwaway accounts. Your history stays with you for better or worse. Everyone has one (1) Overweb account. They can have multiple personas (with different profile info), which can either be visibly or invisibly tied to their Overweb account. Here's a question for you. How many fake accounts do think Facebook took down in 2020? Click here to find out the shocking truth.

On-Page Presence

Go Visible on Webpages

When you opt-in to being visible on a webpage, you can see the other personas visible on the page in a filterable list or even their cursors on the screen. For any visible persona, you can see the profile information they reveal to personas they are not connected with. Their persona may be aligned with the page or site such that it provides information that can help you decide whether to initiate a communication request. For example, a ski persona may have equipment, mountains skied, and favorite conditions.

On-Page Interactions

100's of Smart Tags

On the Overweb, you have access to many smart tags. The first will be a note, bridge, conversation, poll, meeting, and list. We will roll out more as we build. In the future you will be able to make you own smart tags. Imagine an AMA tag. A author goes to their publisher's site and attaches the AMA tag to the images of their book. They set up an AMA for the next evening so that they can have conversations with readers that visit the site. Imagine different AMA tags that enable a fee, one on one vs. open conversations, a list or a talking stick, etc...

Your Opportunity To Innovate

Digital Nations

Start a Digital Nation

On the Overweb, you can build a digital nation. Digital nations are based on geography, belief, identity and/or interest. Digital nations provide a safe digital space for their members to think, learn, and build knowledge together anywhere on the web; to meet each other and have conversations on any web page; to purchase the things they actually want and need, and more. Digital nations may have a code of conduct, census, voting, polling, real estate, and even royalty. Digital nations can receive up to 10% of the value their members create in return for services. Collective liberation!

Overlay Apps

Develop an Overlay App

Overlay apps are applications that operate on the Overweb and therefore are accessible on any web page. Overlay apps maintain state across web pages and site without relying on cookies. Overlay apps generally apply the Overweb pattern -- that is, Safe Digital Space, On-Page Presence, and On-Page Interactions -- to a specific vertical. For instance, Skōōl is simply the Overweb pattern applied to education and Citizenfact is the Overweb pattern applied to fact checking. Overlay apps are available to any digital nation.

Smart Tags

Build a Smart Tag

Smart tags layer and interact with knowledge on top of web pages. Smart tags can be applied to any piece of content - text, images, video, audio, a tweet, a Facebook post, etc... Smart tags can be self-contained or connected to an existing data store or application. They can be informational, interactional, transactional, and/or experiential. They can expose your information and interactions anywhere relevant on the web or operate an entirely new business altogether. They can be public or private, for fee or free. In 5 years, there will be hundreds if not thousands of smart tags.

Several of the First Overweb Projects

Bridgit XX.png

A Map for the Internet is building a map for the Internet, developing the Overweb pattern, and catalyzing overlay apps for specific verticals.

Crowdsource the Truth

CitizenTruth is equiping brigades of citizen fact checkers and truth seekers with tools they can use to neutralize false claims in the news.

We make thinking visible

Skōōl is introducing Bridging, the first knowledge sport and the Bridging Challenge, a competition that builds knowledge over the webpage.

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