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Our Schedule

9-9:55a PST

Opening Session - What is the Overweb and why do we need it?

After the welcome and intro to the event, Daveed Benjamin - founder of the Overweb Foundation - and Phahsa - co-founder of the Black Browser - will make the case for the Overweb assisted by the Next Generation Internet's Media Director Monique Calisti. They will then introduce the concept of the Overweb, how it came into being, and why we need it. They will cover the three primary elements of the Overweb pattern, as well as the tools that you have to work with smart tags, overlay apps, digital nations, and digital real estate. He will explain bridges and how they anchor the Overweb. Short presentations will be given by Michaela Johnston and Stefan Draskic of the Skōōl and Matthew Bateman of CitizenFact.

10-10:55a PST

The State of the Web

This panel presents the aspects of today's Internet that challenge businesses, nonprofits, government, communities, education, children, and marginalized groups as welll as solutions that are being tried to address the problems. Moderated by Phahsa of UMI. Featuring Fred Brown of the Forbes Funds, Nicole Chi of Platform Abuse, Nadia E. of Edgeryders, Andrew Hacker of ThoughtAI, and Orne Bey of Excellerent Solutions.

10-10:55a PST

The Future of Digital Communities

Despite many years in the making, digital communities are in their infancy. This panel explore the future of digital communities and their possibilities to add dimensionality to our lives. This seems more important now as we begin to shape the post-Covid world. Moderated by Albert Kim of Noetic Nomads. Featuring Alexander Beiner of Rebel Wisdom, David Homan of Orchestrated Connecting, Maggie Love of She-fi, Daveed Benjamin of, and Daniel Liebeskind of Topia..

11-11:55a PST

The State of AI , Ethics & POC on the Web

This panel explores the state of artificial intelligence as it relates to ethics, black people and other people of color.  What are the issues and what are the hopeful signs? Moderated by Chibu of Future Modern. Featuring Joshua Armah of Wiase Research and Anton Alexander of

11-11:55a PST

The State of Sensemaking on the Web

A panel on the state of sensemaking on today's web. What's working and what's not on today's Internet. And most importantly, what are hopeful signs. Moderated by Albert Kim of Noetic Nomads. Featuring Nora Bateson of the International Bateson Institute, Jamie Joyce of Society Library, Zak Stein of the Consilience Project Evan McMullen of the Stoa, and David Fuller of Rebel Wisdom.

12-12:55p PST

The State of Combating False Claims on the Web

This panel explores the state of efforts to combat false claims in the news and on the web at large as well as the issues that make this challenging on today's web. The panel also addresses hopeful signs and directions that may be fruitful. Moderated by Leslie Eubanks and Abdulaziz Almasaabi. Featuring Kyle Taylor, founder of, SJ Terp, founder of Bodacea Light Industries, Nicholas Adams of Goodly Labs, and Timothy High of Canonical Debate Lab.

12-12:55p PST

Ontological Design Session #1 for the Web

This is a first-of-its-kind session to begin the conversation of how we might approach the ontological design of our most important modern day Magician King, the Internet. Moderated by Albert Kim of Noetic Nomads. Featuring Daniel Fraga, Owen Cox, Raven Connolly, Max Gosselin, and Evan McMullen.

9-10a PST (next day)

Closing Session

In the final session, we will wrap up the event with teams doing elevator pitches for their concepts. We will also present next steps for those who want to continue on with the Overweb as well as talk about the developer track.

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